Based in "Hockeytown, USA," we're committed to having fun playing hockey.  We're a hockey family.  Tim played at the University of North Dakota in the 90's and graduated from the University of Regina, SK (Canada), in 1999 with a degree in Physical Education.  In his junior days, he spent time in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League, Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (lit the lamp 77 times in two seasons!), and Western Hockey League.  Yes, that meets suitcase status! Jenny is a wife to a coach and mom to two hockey players and has probably hosted hundreds of backyard rink parties during the past 17 seasons of our backyard rink!  Grant was a Minnesota High School Mr. Hockey finalist in 2020.  He is currently playing for the Fargo Force in the USHL, during arguably the most difficult year ever to play in that league, due to the influx of college players and players from Canada’s junior leagues - including the CHL.  Hampton (Hammer) is a goalie for the renowned Warroad High School hockey team and has three - yes, three! - Minnesota youth state titles as a starting goaltender.  Welcome to Lamplighter Hockey!


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