You will shoot the puck harder!

Strength matters for shooting the puck.  Not the kind of strength that can bench press 225 pounds, but the kind of strength that can launch the puck off your stick like a missile.  Train and develop all the muscles and movements needed for a powerful shot in one easy step - use a stick weight!


We will travel to your community or association to do clinics. Contact us for more information.

Hockey Shooting Clinics

Technique is critical.  Once good technique is developed, then shooting proficiency greatly improves.  If good technique is lacking, then shooting practice will be unproductive.  Contact us for more information on clinics by calling 218.280.7018 or via email at

The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight is virtually indestructible.

If the fabric tears or rips, send it back to us and we'll replace it at no charge.  Pictured above is one of the first stick weights produced in 2009 - lots of life left in this one!

The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight has been featured in USA Hockey Magazine, as well as New England Hockey Journal and New York Hockey Journal.

“My players love the product!  They, (mostly 15 year old girls), enjoy using the lighter one (the Minn-E). Great job on a great product!”

Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS Director, Total Female Hockey - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“Faithe did great!  Her team came in second, with a goal seven seconds left, but it was a great game between the top two teams in BC.  She did just enough to win the hardest shot at 81 km per hour.  It was 70 percent her best, but still 10 km an hour harder than the next closest.  I can’t say enough about your product (the Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight)!”

Rod - Castlegar, British Columbia, CANADA

“The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight has greatly improved my son’s (age 15) shot since he began training with it.  It is easy to use, and allows him to use his own stick.  His improved shot has given him much more confidence on the ice.”

Rick - Chelsea, MA

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