Lamplighter Hockey™ always challenges all hockey players to shoot pucks. 

Any hockey player who shoots at least 10,000 pucks over the next several months will be eligible to receive a t-shirt as a souvenir of this great feat. But even more important is this: after taking 10,000 shots, you will also be the owner of a more powerful, quick release, which will result in more scoring chances - and ultimately, more goals.

The technology is so simple that most people overlook the fact that a bucket of pucks and a net are all that's needed to develop a heavy, accurate, and quick shot. Unfortunately, too often our attention is attracted to the glitzy, expensive, and quick fix gadgets that flood the market every year. Shooting pucks until you wear out the palms of your gloves is not glamorous, nor is it fun when the blisters start to form on your hands. After you bandage up the blisters and keep shooting, the glamour doesn't appear then, either. But that's how it's done. No computers, no passing machines, no expensive training machines.

Hockey, in its simplest form, consists of two things - scoring goals and preventing them. Every arena has a scoreboard because goals are what you need to win. The more shots you take, the odds increase that you will score more goals and win the game. Lamplighter Hockey™ encourages hockey players to shoot the puck and celebrate the goal.

It is not selfish to shoot the puck when you are in a scoring position. Your team needs goals to win. One of the things we work on during the shooting clinics is to teach the kids the difference between the right and wrong time to pass or shoot.

All players who attend the Lamplighter Hockey™ Shooting Clinics will be credited for 500 pucks each day they participate. I encourage you to attend the clinics to pick up a few tips and practice your shot. Contact us at for the form to help you keep track.  

There is no secret formula to improve your skills. Either practice or be left behind. Get to work and "fill the net"!

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