When muscles are moved against resistance, they will adapt or grow because of the work being asked of them. If you skate for an entire practice with the stick weight, not only will it strengthen the obvious shooting and stick handling muscles, but the core and leg muscles will see a benefit as well.

Of all the athletes I’ve trained in my shooting camps, the ones who shoot the hardest and quickest are the strongest. I’ve seen smaller or weaker players who have great shots because they have good technique; the stronger players with good technique are even better. And the stronger players shoot harder every time. They are able to generate more speed with the stick, and consequently, they have the hardest shots and quickest releases.

If you want to shoot hard, and have a lightning quick release, you need to be strong. Plain and simple. Training with a stick weight will strengthen the appropriate muscles. It is difficult and time consuming to try to strengthen shooting muscles in a gym setting because you have to isolate and train all of the required muscle groups separately (the arms, shoulders, abs, back, legs, etc.). The stick weight trains all these muscles as you shoot.


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