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Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight

Innovative Training Tool
hockey stick weight

The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight is a training device designed to increase shot velocity, stick handling skills, and upper body strength. Every hockey player needs it – (your competition is already using it).

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Hockey Stick Weight
Minn-E or ½ pound: Blue
1 pound: Red
2 pound: Black
Green, Yellow, Pink and Orange are custom colors and are available if ordered in bulk.

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“The Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight has greatly improved my son’s (age 15) shot since he began training with it.  It is easy to use, and allows him to use his own stick.  His improved shot has given him much more confidence on the ice.”

Chelsea, MA

“My players love the product!  They, (mostly 15 year old girls), enjoy using the lighter one (the Minn-E). Great job on a great product!”

Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS
Director, Total Female Hockey
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“Faithe did great!  Her team came in second, with a goal seven seconds left, but it was a great game between the top two teams in BC.  She did just enough to win the hardest shot at 81 km per hour.  It was 70 percent her best, but still 10 km an hour harder than the next closest.  I can’t say enough about your product (the Lamplighter Hockey Stick Weight)!”

Castlegar, British Columbia, CANADA

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Here’s how the stick weight works:

When muscles are moved against resistance, they will adapt or grow because of the work being asked of them. If you skate for an entire practice with the stick weight, not only will it strengthen the obvious shooting and stick handling muscles, but the core and leg muscles will see a benefit as well.· Of all the athletes I’ve trained in my shooting camps, the ones who shoot the hardest and quickest are the strongest. I’ve seen smaller or weaker players who have great shots because they have good technique; the stronger players with good technique are even better. And the stronger players shoot harder every time. They are able to generate more speed with the stick, and consequently, they have the hardest shots and quickest releases.· If you want to shoot hard, and have a lightning quick release, you need to be strong. Plain and simple. Training with a stick weight will strengthen the appropriate muscles. It is difficult and time consuming to try to strengthen shooting muscles in a gym setting because you have to isolate and train all of the required muscle groups separately (the arms, shoulders, abs, back, legs, etc.).· The stick weight trains all these muscles as you shoot.

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Product Features

· The weight is cleverly concealed in the shaft of the stick so athletes are able to use it on any hollow shafted stick – and no one will even know it’s there.

· The weight is evenly balanced throughout the shaft of the stick, eliminating a ‘heavy spot’- usually near the blade – where traditional weights are fastened. It is easily installed, removed and transferred to another stick within seconds.

· The weight is available in three sizes: the two pound version is only for senior sticks, the one pound and 1/2 pound will work in all sticks.

· The weight is a fraction of the cost of a weighted stick. It gives you the benefit of being able to train using your favorite sticks – you can use your preferred pattern and lie.

· To use the Hockey Stick Weight, simply remove the plug from the appropriately sized hockey stick and insert the weight into the hollow shaft. (The weight will not work with wood sticks).

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*This is a training device only and not intended for game use. It is normal for the weight to fit loosely in the shaft of some sticks due to the discrepancies in stick manufacturing.

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